Experienced Emergency Dental Services in Leamington

Most dental problems are addressed at your routine appointments. However, when faced with a dental emergency, seeking treatment as quickly as possible is needed to alleviate pain and prevent costly future repairs or permanent damage. At Leamington Dental Health Centre, we provide emergency dental services for patients in Leamington and neighboring areas. We are dedicated to providing excellent dental treatments that will get you back to your normal lifestyle within the shortest time possible.

Our general dentists will analyze your situation and recommend emergency dental treatments that eliminate pain and provide long-term benefits. Our compassionate dental team will use their expertise to offer the precise and gentle care you expect and deserve. Regardless of the cause of your immediate need, you will be treated with dignity and respect. If you or your loved one has a dental emergency in Leamington or the surrounding areas, contact our office right away. We offer same day appointments whenever possible.


What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency refers to any urgent oral health problem, especially involving injury or severe pain. It may be difficult to determine whether a dental problem needs emergency treatment. If you are unsure, the best course is to contact us to explain your situation so that we can help you determine if emergency services are needed.

At Leamington Dental Health Centre, we readily provide emergency dental services whenever possible to help relieve your pain and ensure you get back to your normal routine. If you have a dental emergency that is affecting your everyday life, you can trust our dentists to offer solutions. For after-hours emergencies, you can call our office, and our team will get back to you to schedule the nearest available appointment.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Our team will thoroughly assess your current situation and personalize treatment to fit your needs. We're committed to ensuring you are aware of all treatment options, and we will only commence treatment once you are confident. Some of the dental emergencies that we handle include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Missing or broken dental crowns
  • Damaged fillings
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Dental abscess or severe infections
  • Lacerations or wounds to the soft tissues
  • Trauma or injuries to the mouth or face

We understand that most people feel anxious about seeing a dentist, especially during a dental emergency. Our team will go out of their way to make your time with us as comfortable and peaceful as possible. You can rest assured that we will be thorough and compassionate in our approach and help you stay well-informed through each treatment step.

Our Comprehensive Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies may happen to anyone, young or old, regardless of how well you care for your teeth or oral health. Our dentists will address your emergency dental needs with dignity and respect and will ensure you get the relief you seek. To save your natural smile, you should contact our office as quickly as possible. Some of the emergency dental services we offer include:

Dental Extractions: Our dentists carry out teeth extractions for various reasons, such as broken or decayed teeth. While we try to preserve teeth whenever possible, some teeth may need to be extracted to restore your overall health, eliminate pain, and prevent more expensive and painful dental problems.

Root Canal Therapy: Most times, a dental infection can trigger severe pain in the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues found in the tooth pulp. If our dentists confirm you have an infection, they may recommend root canal therapy to help save your natural tooth. The treatment is done by making a small access point at the tooth's base and using a specialized tool to extract all diseased tissues. The root chamber is then disinfected and the area sealed. After healing, a permanent dental crown is placed on the tooth to help prevent further infection and restore the functionality of the tooth.

Missing Restorations: Our dentists can also provide emergency dental services to patients with loose or lost dental restorations that cause pain and leave teeth vulnerable. Restorations like dental fillings, crowns, and bridges may loosen or crack and must be checked by our dentist. Depending on the situation, we may try to reseal the restoration or replace it with a temporary one to protect your tooth until a new restoration is made.

Your Home for Reliable Emergency Dental Services in Leamington

If you are looking for emergency dental treatment, you can trust our Leamington Dental Health Centre team to help. Our dentists have the experience and expertise to provide dental care for various emergency conditions. We are committed to offering excellent dental support to help you regain your normal dental function. Our team will do everything we can to book your appointment the same day you give us a call. Call us today to receive the quick, dependable care your smile deserves!